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Guess Who’s Back?

If you guessed me, you’re right! After x weeks…or is it months now? I’m finally in the homestretch. I can relax more now that I’ve finally dealt with my written exams and essay and now just have a take-home exam to deal with but I have a week to do it. So I’m remaining hopeful that I can finally start rewriting my novella ChosenOne and actually have time to do stuff (although I think that will be rather short lived but I digress rofl).

Either way, I’ll be more active now hopefully. :3 


The area where we live isn’t the nicest since its close to a ghetto area and while I’m at work I worry so much about my girlfriend being at home.

But then I remembered that she scared the living shit out of a mugger that was going to attack us last year at a convention by turning around and charging at him with her cosplay sword. I also remembered that she intimidates people with just looking at them.

And she has a fully loaded recurve bow that she sleeps next to, and has an excellent sense of hearing.

My future wife is a motherfucking badass and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Teen convicted of disorderly conduct for using iPad to record bullies tormenting him | The Raw Story



This country is the fucking worst. As the world’s biggest bully-nation, it’s no wonder that our society literally encourages kids to bully the most vulnerable among themselves … and then punishes the victim if they try to resist …


A Pennsylvania mother whose learning-disabled son was convicted of disorderly conduct for recording his bullies while they tormented him demanded the judge reverse decision and the school district apologize.

Shea Love wondered why the school district contacted the police to discuss a violation of wiretap statutes instead of confronting the students who were bullying her son, a sophomore at South Fayette High School with attention deficit and an anxiety disorder.

“The whole thing has been a horrible nightmare,” Love told the Tribune-Review. “This whole ordeal has made my son miserable.”

On the recording — which the 15-year-old made on his iPad — one student can be heard telling another to pull Love’s son’s pants down. The teacher can be heard intervening, telling the students that they need to stop talking if their discussion isn’t about math.

A few minutes later, a loud slam can be heard, followed by the teacher telling students to sit down. “What? I was just trying to scare him,” one of the boys can be heard saying.

The 15-year-old said he made the recording “because I always felt like it wasn’t me being heard.”

“I wanted some help,” he continued. “This wasn’t just a one-time thing. This always happens every day in that class.”

Upon learning of the recording, South Fayette High School principal Scott Milburn and assistant principal Aaron Skrbin contacted Lieutenant Robert Kurta, asking that he come to the school because he believed there had been “a wiretapping incident.”

School district officials forced the student to erase the recording and ordered him to attend Saturday detention. Kurta charged him with disorderly conduct, but didn’t believe that the incident warranted a felony wiretapping charge, though according to court records, he was adamant the student had “committed a crime.”

South Fayette District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet found the student guilty, fined him $25 and ordered him to pay court costs.

I cannot even comprehend how backward and fucked up this is.

Some more stories about this bullshit.

Tell the judge who made this bullshit decision how you feel.

Scroll to the bottom of this posting and find contact info for the police department and school administrators. 

Can we please signal boost the fuck out this?

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